Powerlines | the book | December 2019

cover book Powerlines | ISBN 978-1-71-406735-0

My book Powerlines is a comprehensive documentation of  my paintings from the period between 1998 and 2019. I have worked in different locations and cultures, which is reflected by the  gradual evolution from the Flow paintings to the Pattern series. As from the Flow series I have predominantly worked with acrylic markers with a wide tip, that are typically used  by graffiti artists. I have adopted a working method that can be described as a form of abstract calligraphy. Also, elements of procedural painting can be found in my work. I spread out the canvases on the ground, working all around and on the painting as to add layer by layer. The most recent Pattern paintings are documented in the beginning of the book, while the earlier Flow series are found towards the end. A special place in this book is reserved for the  Machining Emotion robotic paintings, a collaborative effort together with architects and designer-programmers, working with a large industrial robot to hold and drive the acrylic markers.

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