Textile Growth Monument

Textile Growth Monument | 3d woven steel structure | 2005
Textile Growth Monument | 3d woven steel structure | 2005

3D Weaving

The ancient ‘Herdgangen’ define the base for Tilburg’s specific infrastructure in the shape of multiple connected triangles. Every triangle consists of a divergence of paths, creating a triangular open space between the paths. I have adopted the image of the Herdgangen as the structuring substance for the interlacing network of steel beams, combining the generic growth of Tilburg with the flourishing aspect of Tilburg as a textile city.

The three-dimensional structure is composed according to a set of simple rules. The design rule is that two lines in space connect, intertwine and diverge again. Then another line is introduced that connects to the loose ends applying the same intertwining principle, composing a triangle with loose ends at each corner. By repeating this procedure an expanding system of connected triangles emerges.

The public can step into the Textile Growth Monument to place themselves in the center of the spatial structure. From the center the work of art becomes extremely tangible and its spatiality is experienced optimally. Moving alongside and through the object the interlaced structure is experienced at its best. During the night the movements of the public activate sensors controlling LED lights in the open ends of the steel beams. Moving through and around the monument the visitor creates his/her own choreography of light.

Design Team: Ilona Lénárd, Kas Oosterhuis, Sebastián González | commissioned by Textile Museum Tilburg | 2005