MyMondrian | 3d printed | 2017

The year 2017 was the memorial year of the Stijl movement, which was to a large extent inspired on the works of the Dutch painter Piet Mondria[a]n, who also contributed with essays and statement to the Stijl magazine. Mondrian left his last painting, the Victory Boogie Woogie [1944] unfinished. Mondrian lived his last years in New York and the Victory Boogie Woogie obviously is inspired by the hectic city life of Manhattan, where he had his studio. This has led Ilona Lénárd to take this image for further explorations, not as a painting but in the form of her MyMondrian tapestries and MyMondrian 3d printed wall objects. The MyMondrian series are based on a complex process of different interpretations, techniques and algorithms. the first interpretation was to translate the colors of the Victory Boogie Woogie into different three-dimensional depth for each color. The 3d gypsum plaster model was then 3d printed at TU Delft with the then advanced Zcorp powder printer. To be able to use the 3d model for further interpretations the model was photographed from the top as to evoke a strong perspective and a play of light and shadow, as to re-interpret the Victory Boogie Woogie as a model for a dynamic city.

MyMondrian Black | artist Ilona Lénárd | 2017 | collection Jan des Bouvrie

The photo formed the basis for the MyMondrian tapestries manufactured at the TextielLab in Tilburg, The Netherlands, and for the MyMondrian 3d printed objects, the MyMondrian Black that was acquired by the well-known Dutch interior designer Jan des Bouvrie, and the MyMondrian Grey. The 3d printing is executed at 3D Robot Printing at Rotterdam, while former student Arwin Hidding of Hyperbody TU Delft assisted in writing the algorithm for the 3d printing path. Ilona designed a unique print head path to avoid the regular layering of the deposits as is usually seen in 3d printed prototypes. The printing head is designed to deposit the PLA to describe rectangular open towers of different width and height, whereas the trajectories along the contours of the towers are subject to a delicate form of randomization, moving from point to point randomly placed in a predefined zone. The zones where the points are distributed are overlapping as to connect the towers to each. The MyMondrian 3d printed object is defined by its unique texture, in combination with the dynamic of varying depth and the shadows cast on the wall.

MyMondrian Grey [detail] | 3d printed open towers of different height