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Ilona Lenard in florence

Ilona Lénárd visual artist

Ilona Lénárd is trained as a professional actress in the Academy for Theatrical Arts in Budapest. After that finished her second studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy for Visual Arts in Rotterdam as a sculptor. Since 1983 Ilona Lénárd has worked closely together with architect Kas Oosterhuis. They worked / lived in 1988-1989 in the former studio of Theo van Doesburg in Paris. After her studies Ilona Lénárd has received many grants to support her professional activities as a sculptor. Ilona Lénárd has been co-founder of the Attila Foundation [1993-1998] realizing the Sculpture City project in 1994 and the ParaSite project in 1996. Ilona Lénárd has been invited to lecture at universities and conferences in The Netherlands and abroad, focusing on her specific topics Artificial Intuition and Powerlines. She has been a visiting lecturer at Hyperbody at the TU Delft. Ilona Lénárd has realized a number of art projects in public space [Swinging Light Velp, Musicsculpture Oldemarkt, TT Monument Assen], she has exhibited and published internationally. Over all these years Ilona Lénárd has built up a strong portfolio of autonomous paintings, recent series of paintings are the Tangle, Twig, Flow, Polynuclear, Loop, Up and robotic painting [Machining Emotion] series. Besides her procedural paintings Ilona designed and produced a series of tufted carpets in Qatar, the MyMondrian floor carpet, the blue Flow carpet and the green and blue Archipelago carpets. During 2018 – 2019 Ilona has been mentor for the 20 artists in residence at the Fire Station art center in Doha, Qatar.