Musicsculpture | Vijverbos Oldemarkt 1997 | steel skin on steel frame

The Formula: oak leaf > sketch > 3D model > construction. The generating sketch by Ilona Lénárd is inspired by the shape of the oak leaves in the small park the Vijverbos. One out of numerous sketches is digitized. The sketch is redrawn in the 2d shaper of 3d studio Then the shape and a triangular section are fit shaped. The flat 3d shape is bent to form an oval open shell. The 3d model of the music sculpture is then saved as a dxf file and imported in autocad13. The shape is redrawn in autocad. The working drawings are directly derived from the exact autocad 3d model. The steel constructor uses this information to cut the steel parts for the central spine and the fins. A metal sheet of 3-5mm is welded around the steel frame so as to form a completely closed sandwich structure. The sculpture is cut into three pieces to transport them to the site. On site the three pieces are assembled together to form one solid piece of sculpture. The sculpture is sprayed under hight pressure and high temperature with a green polymere coating. Kind of synthetic rubber. The music sculpture is one complex volume wrapped in a single material and based on a single parametric detail. The sculpture is placed at the edge of the pond and cantilevers 2m over it. The sculpture will be used as a bandstand and for dance performances. A small brass band of 30 people can stand and play on the gently curved surface of the lower part of the folded leaf.

Musicsculpture | Vijverbos Oldemarkt 1997 | steel skin on steel frame

Design team: Ilona Lénárd, Kas Oosterhuis, Mark Benerink | commissioned by City of IJsselham, Cultural Council Overrijssel | 1997