Mondrian Monument

Mondrian Monument | Winterswijk 2004
Mondrian Monument | Winterswijk 2004 | 3d printed model 1:6

Victory Boogie Woogie

We think the best way to honour Mondrian is by means of a monument which constructs a open ended view on his universe on the place where his first steps towards the invention of his universe were made. The latest Boogie Woogie painting connects closely to our own work. For the design of the Mondrian Monument we have chosen to construct a third dimension in the direction of depth. We added a third dimension to the Victory Boogie Woogie, which gives the public a warp speed perspective view when looking down. The Mondrian Monument functions as a public dance floor. Standing on the glass surface above the immersive warp effect one seems to float, people will instantly want to dance. The dancers trigger a boogie woogie generator, every time playing an unique version of a boogie woogie.

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Mondrian Monument | Winterswijk 2004 | 3d printed model 1:6

Design team: Ilona Lénárd, Kas Oosterhuis, Casper Kroon, Barbara Janssen, David Milam, Hendrik Jehle | commisioned by City of Winterswijk | 2004 [not executed]