Programmable Architecture

ProgrammableArchitecture | l'Arcaedizioni 2002
ProgrammableArchitecture | l’Arcaedizioni 2002

Into the realms of art

Kas Oosterhuis’s and Ilona Lénárd’s architecture and art runs along the fine line separating or joining architecture into the realms of art. Oosterhuis and Lénárd have built all their work, illustrated in this book, around the combination of rigorous design and artistic freedom, while also paying subtle attention to digital technology. The work ranges from the multiform Active Structures of “Trans-ports”, an interactive pavilion, to the functional layout of spaces of the Garbage Transfer Station Elhorst/Vloedbelt, Variomatic S/L and Polynuclear Landscapes, and finally the clever architectural forms of the Helsinki Music Center and the fantastic Programmable Landscapes, a game played by a Database on one hand and Intuition on the other. These dialectical relations between design philosophy and clever invention place Oosterhuis / Lénárd’s works at the cutting-edge of modern-day architectural design.

Authors: Ole Bouman [introduction], Kas Oosterhuis, Ilona Lénárd | l’Arcadedizioni 2002