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_Hydra in Waterpavilion_website IL
Hydra in Waterpavilion | Neeltje Jans 1997

Powerlines in architecture

On the larger scale my powerlines have formed the basis for facades and structural parts of realized buildings, and even for complete built structures. In the early days of the cooperation with Kas Oosterhuis I have realized a number of “dazzle paintings” for the facades of housing projects [Patio housing in The Hague, De Kassen in Amersfoort, “dancing facades” for De Hunze in Groningen]. Later we applied the concept of powerlines to complete buildings. The streamlined Waterpavilion [1997] and the Hydra structure inside are the first built proof of the fusion of art and architecture on the grand scale of the building. Then followed the interactive Handdrawspace installation at the Venice Biennale [2000], the design for the Web of North-Holland [2002], the 3d facade for the Fside housing project in Amsterdam [2007], the Wedding Chapel in Nanjing [2008], and ultimately the CET / Bálna mixed use center [2012] in Budapest.