Wireframe | based om Atari computer sketch |1984
Wireframe | acryl and stucco on metawell aluminium | 110x70cm | based om Atari computer sketch |1984


Immediately after having finished the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam [1983] I have been selected for several grants [see my cv] and have participated in a number of exhibitions. As from 1988 when we lived for one year in the studio of Theo van Doesburg in Meudon near Paris [1988 – 1989] I started a structural cooperation with architect Kas Oosterhuis is have co-organised many events, probably the most important being the multimodal and multidisciplinary event Sculpture City [1994], preluded by my Sculpture City Rotterdam [1993] series of intuitive 3d sketches with the computer using DesignCAD software, which allowed me to jump from one dimension to the other while sketching. Since the start of the cooperation I was fully engaged in the fusion of art and architecture on a digital platform, realising a number of internationally renowned events, exhibitions and built works on the scale of architecture like the Waterpavilion [1997], and co-authored numerous publications on the topic of the fusion of art and architecture.

In the meantime I continued to exhibit my autonomous works occasionally. In recent years I have picked up the full time production of new autonomous work again, which includes the start of new series of paintings [Tangle, Twig, Flow, Polynuclear etc] and a complete new concept of robotic paintings [Machining Emotion series]. My aim is to disseminate my autonomous paintings internationally, therewith initially focusing on the UAE and Libanon, supported by the Dutch Creative Industries program for the Middle East region. My recent autonomous work can be characterised as abstract calligraphy, which will fit perfectly in the calligraphic culture of the larger MENA region.