2012- book powerlines [monography work in progress]

2009 ONLogic monography ilona lénárd en kas oosterhuis images publications melbourne

2008 essay powerlines iA#2 hyperbody tudelft

2008 wedding chapel CIPEA magazine archiworld south-korea

2004 europe’s favourites architecture in rotterdam

2004 the house of doesburg on studio theo van doesburg in meudon paris

2002 handdrawspace in book between the waterfronts

2002 l’arcaedizioni projects [with kas oosterhuis]

2000 inflatable vase items

1999 catalogus vaas voor de gelegenheid province of noord-brabant

1999 catalogus archilab orléans france

1998 VrmlSITE in catalogue deaf98 the art of the accident

1998 launching of website

1998 book ilona lénárd, visual artist_kas oosterhuis, architect [010 publishers]

1996 website paraSITE

1996 cd rom genes of ARchiTecture, working space II

1995 sculpture city book + cd rom

1995 magazine LEONARDO 95/2 intuitive 3d sketches

1993 L,v  ARCHIS 93/9

1990 stad-series WIEDERHALL open volume

1990 intuitive computer sketches VCA mededelingen part I en part II

1988 studio theo van doesburg as actual laboratory AB bouwen

1984 concrete as work of art in daily magazine cobouw