TORS | sculpture building | 1990

Sculpture Building

The building is the sculpture, the sculpture is the building. Sculpture building TORS contains mixed use metropolitan functions like homes, offices, shops, exhibition spaces, bistros. TORS is shaped in weightless digital space, a space which parallels the space of the imagination. Three in slightly sloping horizontal planes dancing ellipses are smoothly projected towards each other. TORS surprises by its changing views seen from different angles. From some angles elegant and lean, then again muscular and bulgy. Inside the 1:70 scale model of TORS for the L,v exhibition – via a window in the skin – the public is offered a glimpse of the virtual world of many intuitive 3d conceptual design sketches. From the moment that TORS is put in place gravity comes into action, first then there is an active up and down, first then the object is scaled to fit, measured and weighed according to the rules of physical reality. The realized sculpture building bridges the real and the virtual. The real TORS sculpture building is intended to have a body of an impressive 60m in height, to be located on the slope of Bellevue in Arnhem, enjoying a splendid view at the river Rijn.

TORS | Sculpture building with virtual window | exhibition L,v Arnhem 1990
TORS | cross section | one continuous floor that spirals up around the atrium | 1990
TORS | the horizontal sections show the continuous variation of the GFA and the atrium space | 1990


Design | Kas Oosterhuis and Ilona Lénárd

Year | 1990

Venue | L,v exhibition Arnhem