Machining Emotion painting for Dutch Embassy Abu Dhabi

Handing over robotic painting Machining Emotion #02 to Dutch Consul of Dubai Mr Robert de Leeuw_27 October 2015
Handing over robotic painting Machining Emotion #04 to Dutch Consul of Dubai Mr Robert de Leeuw_27 October 2015

During the Dubai Design Week I handed over to the Dutch Consul of Dubai Mr Robert de Leeuw one of the robotic paintings from the Machining Emotion RDM series. The robotic painting will form part of the collection of the Dutch Embassy in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The Dutch recently moved to a new location in the Capital Centre district in Abu Dhabi, opposite the LIWA tower designed by Dutch architect Kas Oosterhuis.

Partner International Business UAE

signing the PIB covenent at the Dutch Consulate in Dubai | 26 October 2015
Ilona signing the PIB covenant at the Dutch Consulate in Dubai | 26 October 2015

PIB kick-off project Robotic Painting

As the artist member of the multidisciplinary Partners International Business [PIB] program for the UAE and Libanon [2015-2018] – supported by the Dutch Creative Industry [DCI] of the RVO – I proposed and organize a number of actions in cooperation with one or two other members of this multidisciplinary PIB group. The first action was PIB’s kick-off project, which took place in Dubai during the Dubai Design Week [DXBDW]. On the invitation of DXBDW director Cyril Zammit I organised together with PIB partner architect Kas Oosterhuis the Robotic Painting project, during which we produced 4 big circular canvases, named Machining Emotion.

_cover covenant PIB_website

My next action will the Abstract Calligraphy exhibition, in which I will involve both Dutch artists and artists from the Gulf region, to be organised in cooperation PIB members Judy Straten [Gallery Straten], architect Kas Oosterhuis and Neil van der Linden [founder Gulf Art Guide]. Abstract calligraphy is based on the power of traced human arm/hand gestures without a figurative meaning of the gesture. After the art fair the exhibition can be presented first in the UAE and later in NL, in collaboration with a Dutch and UAE Gallery. The aim of the Abstract Calligraphy exhibition is to demonstrate the power of the non-figurative line as produced by intuitive emotional gestures. Like non-figurative art, the meaning of the abstract calligraphic gestures are implicit in their movements disclosing powerful constructed emotive universes. The Abstract Calligraphy exhibtion intends to improve mutual understanding between the Arab and the Western world.

Dutch Design Week |17-25 October 2015

_Flowcarpet_Dutch Design Week_websiteThis black and white FLOW carpet is hand tufted. During Dutch Design Week 2015 I showed this FLOW carpet, based on a collage of fast and intuitive flow sketches on canvas. I also showed two paintings from the Machining Emotion series of robotic paintings made at RDM Campus in Rotterdam in summer 2015.

_Machining Emotion 008_website